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Eos Plus (15-36 kg)

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Group 2/3 (15-36 kg)
Extremely lightweight, versatile and easy to move, install and use, this very practical, typeapproved booster seat protects children whilst leaving them the freedom of feeling grown-ups by using the same belt mum and dad use.
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01eosp032 bby

1. With a wide seat, it allows children to look out of the window during the journey and lifts them up so that the car’s seat belt passes over their shoulder instead of their neck, which provides them with greater protection

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Black, Grey, Pink, Red, Blue, Sand


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Eos Plus (15-36 kg)

Extremely easy to install inside the car, it allows to sit the child and easily fasten the harnesses

Eos Plus (15-36 kg)

The child seat must ALWAYS BE FASTENED AS INDICATED IN THE USER MANUAL and with 3-point seat belts