Su Munch Set

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A compact Munch Set includes:

  • a soft, flexible and wateproof Jelly Bib to catch any food that gets away
  • a Bendable Spoon soft-tipped spoon that can be bent into any angle
  • a handy throw stopping Bowl Anchor to stop a bowl full from being flung.
    Less mess, less stress and triple the fun!
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Product Description

Jelly Bib

  • Soft and flexible, Medical grade silicone
  • Handy, can be rolled up for travel and storage

Bowl Anchor

  • Throw-stopping design grips food container to table
  • Add a sprinkle of water to the base for super suction

Bendy Spoon

  • Bending head of the spoon is simple to enable self-feeding
  • Spoon has soft tip, easy on gums

sterilisable, dishwater proof, phthalate free, temperature resistance


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    The Bowl Anchor is my favourite!
    Stops cups from being thrown and flipped!

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