Anti-colic Baby Bottles

Take a look and try the shop’s anti-colic baby bottles in Singapore. Many consumers wonder what colic is or what anti-colic feeding bottles are. Colic is the medical terminology for too much or unwarranted crying of an otherwise infant in good physical shape. Anti-colic teats or nipples and anti-colic bottles are made to decrease the air babies take in during feeding. Mami & Papi conducted extensive research on the appropriate shapes and designs of tests based on the most recent medical findings. We took into consideration the mouth’s role in the wholesome development of infants and an effective anti-colic product.

BPA-Free Bottles

Mami & Papi promotes BPA-Free water bottles in Singapore. BPA refers to BISPHENOL an organic synthetic compound found in epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics. According to scientific and medical research, BPA from containers can possibly leak into food and drinks made with this plastic. This is why we at Mami & Papi opted for BPA-free baby bottles. We do not use BPA and instead chose plastic-free options for infants and children.

Heat Sensitive Spoons

Mami & Papi also sells green and purple or red and blue heat sensitive spoons for babies.

The heat sensitive spoons are good for babies as they grow. They learn how to use a variety of feeding accessories for the welfare of both mothers and their babies. These are best for toddlers and come in packs of two spoons. The heat indicator allows the doting mom to distinguish the high temperature of food prior to feeding. Thus, there is no danger of injuring an infant’s very delicate gums and mouth. It will ensure that the temperature does not shoot up so you will know when to let it cool down.

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